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Terms and Conditions

Cape Ann Oil Incorporated (hereafter called "The Company") reserves the right to inspect equipment prior to acceptance and reject any contract should equipment be obsolete or in unsatisfactory condition. Repairs required to bring equipment up to contract specifications will be billed at prevailing rates. The Company reserves the right to cancel a contract should the system require major upgrading. We will credit your account for the difference between all work performed and the contract price. The credit will be pro-rated. Contracts do not cover installation of new burners, boilers, furnaces, or any other items not specified. Equipment replacement allowances, as specified, are available only when equipment is purchased from and installed by The Company. You will be billed at prevailingrates. Contracts cover parts and labor specified that result from normal operation of equipment. Contracts do not cover the cost of labor and/or material resulting from fire, flood, lighting, electrical failure, or any other unusual circumstances beyond The Company control. The Company is not liable for loss, damage, or injury caused by delay or failure to perform service. Our liability is limited to the services specified and the payments made by the customer. All work performed and parts installed, that are not covered by the contract, will be charged as an additional cost at prevailing rates. Excluded items includes, but are not limited to, piping, duct work, system alterations, water leaks, any part that touches water, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, blower fan assemblies, combustion chambers, electronic thermostats, and false alarms on carbon monoxide detectors. The Company is not responsible for malfunctions due to customer's neglect of normal responsibility. Service calls resulting from blown fuses, circuit breakers, oil burners switch being turned off, oil tank or line freeze up, thermostat not being properly set, inadequate voltage, lack of fuel (if not on automatic delivery), lack of water inthe boiler, etc. are not covered by these contracts. The Company reserves the right to void a contract or charge the customer who purchases fuel from another supplier or had work performed by someone other than The Company anytime during the contract period. Should the customer fail to make payments according to these terms, The Company reserves the right to cancel the contract immediately.Contracts over twelve (12) months will automatically be renewed at the anniversary date unless terminated 30 days prior to that date. Partial or full payment of the contract signifies acceptance of these conditions.